Where to Get Free Must-try Router Table Plans

Alex from toproutertables.com shares some of the best router table plans that you can build on your own. You don’t need to buy costly plans. There are a lot of router table plans that you can get for free. You just need to download these plans and you can start working on your own router table. Building a router table is a lot cheaper than buying one.

Kreg router table idea

Aside from being able to create your own design, you can also choose the power and speed you want. You can make an adjustable router table plate, so you can enjoy more flexibility when working. Router table plans are available online, but you have to be careful and make sure that you are getting them from a trustworthy woodworking website. The number of satisfied customers and positive reviews say a lot about the site and the plans it offers.

Functionality and Safety

Since routers are powerful tools, they need a sturdy base of operation to maintain their functionality and safety. You have to make sure that your plans are safe and accurate so that you can avoid accidents and injuries. Good plans will help you build a router table at a reasonable cost and guarantee a dependable and robust work station for your woodworking projects.

Many plans have designs for storage spaces such as drawers and cabinets. By following these plans, you can keep your materials and tools secured and properly stored. This helps you keep your workshop organized and safe. Good plans will indicate including cabinet hinges, drawer slots and other important hardware to complete a functional work station.


You have to use a medium density fiberboard, melamine, plywood and birch wood or maple for trimmings when building a router table. Adhesive and wood screws are also needed. You have to cover the table top with Formica. The router plate and the router itself are the most expensive items. Make sure to compare the price and quality of the parts before buying one. Sometimes, these parts can be found at discounted rates online.

Proper air flow should be observed in your work station when getting a router table plan. The router machine should have enough ventilation and space so that your router will not overheat. Make sure to consider these factors when choosing a design. Understand the situation in your work area before getting a plan. This way, you can build the table that best suits your needs. Cost is only a secondary factor when building a router table. The plan’s reliability and safety should be your priority.

Having a router improves your workshop and allows you to try a lot of woodworking projects. However, you need to have a stable and sturdy table to anchor your router. A practical option is making your own router table based on the plans that you can find in books or download online. Prepare the parts and materials needed and you will be able to build a router table in no time at all.

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