How to Buy and Maintain Your Electric Gates

Stand Guard Security knows that electric gates Nottingham properties have installed are sure to receive great benefits. Buying the right electric gates for your flood damage Melbourne property is important and so is making sure that you maintain them. As winter is here it is essential you keep them maintained in order for them to look and remain in good condition.

Buying your electric gates

Electric gates make a great investment for your home and your driveway. They can instantly add value and create an attractive entrance to your home. In addition they are extremely practical and can provide you with extra security.

If your property is enclosed it is best to install an electric gate at the entrance to the property preferably on your driveway. You can find three basic types, sliding, bi-parting, and single swing. For properties that tend to get a lot of snow in winter or are located are gradient a sliding electric gate is best. Bi-parting gates work by having two unfolding panels and work best with driveways greater than 14 feet in width. Bi-parting gates are ideal for larger properties generally in rural areas. For those living in built up cities or towns with around 12 feet of space on either side of your gate and your driveway is 14 feet wide or less, you should consider a single-swing style. This works by opening either to the left or right.

Electric gates offer the greatest convenience, allowing homeowners and guests to operate gates by using keypads with punch-in codes, dial-up intercoms and telephone entries, or hand-held remotes.

Winter Maintenance

During winter you should ensure that your electric gates are well maintained. The last thing you want in winter is for your electric gates to fail. This would be highly inconvenience at such a busy time of year not to mention leaving you with very little security. Following these steps to winter maintenance for your gates will allow you to have the peace of mind that all should be in full working order.

Remove small branches and debris that may cause problems to electrics or the operation of your gate. Regularly check for cracked insulators which can cause problems if moisture, damp or water were to get into the system. Be sure to look for signs of wear and fraying on any exposed wires or insulating material. This could cause the electrics to short if it becomes wet or is exposed to high winds. Remove snow and ice from around your gates systems and make sure there is adequate drainage so water cannot build around mechanical parts.

Our thoughts…

All electric gates Nottingham properties have installed should be regularly maintained. This ensures that you will receive the very best out of your electric gates for many years to come. For any advice we are Stand Guard Security Systems located at 633 Nuthall Road Nottingham NG8 6AF.

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